Bronze medal
May 2015
European Design Awards

The magazine Technologist, produced by LargeNetwork for the Eurotech alliance, received a bronze medal in the magazine category at the European Design Awards (EDA) in Istanbul on May 23, 2015.

EDA’s website wrote that “Technologist is a European science magazine with high-quality content, including research news, in-depth articles and creative infographics. With its detachable pages that can be shared or saved, it is an innovative journalistic concept and effective educational tool.”

“Coup de Coeur” award
October 2014
Suva Media Prizes

The infographic supplement In Extenso, made by LargeNetwork, earned the “jury’s favorite” award in the Suva media competition. The jury found the special on the science of jogging “original, attractive and convincing.” In Extenso, the first Swiss data journalism publication, is inserted in the magazine In Vivo, which is made by LargeNetwork for the CHUV. For each issue, the double-sided pamphlet addresses a special topic related to health using educational and creative data visualizations.

Excellence Award in the “External Publication” category
December 2014
European Excellence Awards 2014

In Vivo, produced by LargeNetwork for the CHUV, added a new award to its list: on December 4, 2014, the magazine earned first place in the “External Publication” category at the European Excellence Awards ceremony held in Paris. Awards are granted by a professional jury that reviews the most compelling work in the field of communications and public relations in Europe.

"Grand Prix"
November 2014
Grand Prix Romand de la Création (GRAND)

Technologist, a magazine made by LargeNetwork for Eurotech, an alliance of universities, received the Grand prize for creation in the publishing cateogory in Lausanne on November 6, 2014. The grand prize crowns the most visually creative publications in western Switzerland. Born in 2014, Technologist is distributed in three languages (French, German and English) and comes out four times a year. The European science magazine publishes reference articles and detailed infographics on detachable pages that can be shared or stored. This innovative concept, as well as its large, modern layout, impressed the jury of media professionals.

Red Dot Award
October 2014
Red Dot Communication Design

“Secrets d'élégance”, a book made by LargeNetwork for the Swiss luxury department store chain Bon Génie Grieder, earned a Red Dot award on October 24, 2014. Distributed in bookstores, the richly illustrated book is a guide to fashion advice from throughout the history of the institution. The Red Dot competition is one of the most respected contests in the world of design.

Special Jury Award
October 2014
SVIK Awards

In Vivo, a magazine created by LargeNetwork for the CHUV, received the “Special Jury Award” on Thursday, October 30 in Basel at the SVIK Awards (Schweizerischer Verband für interne Kommunikation, or Swiss Association of Internal Communication). Every year, a professional jury rewards the best business publications. “In Vivo managed to present health issues in a journalistic way,” said the president of the jury. “That’s exactly how a large institution should share information with the public.” In Vivo covers current events in the life sciences and issues surrounding health policy and modern medicine. Articles are richly illustrated and presented in a compact layout.

First prize
May 2012
European Design Award

LargeNetwork won a gold medal and a bronze at the European Design Award competition in May 2012. The gold went to the journal Hémisphères and the bronze to the magazine Swissquote. The jury, composed of representatives from 15 design magazines, is considered one of the most competent in the field.

First prize in the Graphic Design
June 2011
Grand Prix Romand de la Création (GPRC)

In June 2011, Swissquote Magazine also received first prize in the Graphic Design category at the Grand Prix Romand de la Création (GPRC).

First prize
March 2011
Prix Chuard

In March 2011, Geneviève Ruiz, a LargeNetwork journalist, won the Prix Chuard, awarded annually by the Centre Romand de Formation des Journalistes (CRFJ). The prize recognizes outstanding journalistic work produced during the training period. 

Best financial magazine of the year
June 2010
BCP Awards

In June 2010, the magazine Swissquote was a standout at the BCP Awards (Best of Corporate Publishing) in Hamburg, taking the prize for best financial magazine of the year. The BCP Awards is considered the most prestigious European competition for the custom publishing industry. A jury of 100 professionals lauded Swissquote Magazinefor its innovative design as well as for its journalistic excellence.

First prize in the Graphic Design
June 2010
Grand Prix Romand de la Création (GPRC)

Also in June 2010, the magazine OnAir was a winner at the GPRC competition in Geneva, organized by the Association des Créatifs Romands. The magazine was awarded first prize in the Graphic Design category.

First prize in Photography
June 2010
Grand Prix Romand de la Création (GPRC)

At the same ceremony, the work of Fred Merz for the guide Le Renard sur la Lune won top honors for Photography.