Images of power

13 November 2017
Only 100 years ago, statues of Lenin began to spread across the USSR. Political imagery entered the industrial era. This is an opportunity for Météore to produce a special issue devoted to images of power.

With his thrusting jaw and imperious expression, statues of Lenin were transformed into icons at the initiative of Stalin. They were installed throughout the Soviet Republics. A century on, Niels Ackermann dedicates a photographic study to statues which have been uprooted and adapted for a new era by Ukrainians. This photo feature begins the Météore special issue on images of power

The issue also includes Pierre Maudet’s campaign for election to the Federal Council: a photo feature from inside his campaign. Power is also displayed in military parades and commemorations. The photographers seek to play this staged form of power at its own game.

Available in French, Météore is a pictorial magazine produced by LargeNetwork and the photo agency Lundi 13. Météore deliberately keeps text to a minimum to give priority to images. The magazine's third issue can be found on newsstands in French-speaking Switzerland, priced at CHF 5, from 13 November 2017. It will remain on sale until publication of the fourth issue on Monday 13 August 2018.