Launching a new travel guidebook

Launching a new travel guidebook

29th November 2016
LargeNetwork is partnering with the bookstore Sérendipité for a first crowdfunding campaign and the publication of the book Pages, a new type of guide featuring up-and-coming locations in big cities.
Urban explorers like to discover hidden jewels off the beaten path. To help them in their quest, LargeNetwork and Sérendipité have decided to launch a guide especially for them. This English-language guidebook will take readers to thirty or so big cities with the insight of a local character tuned into the latest trends – the owner of a magazine store, like Do you read me in Berlin or MagCulture in London. 

These independent bookstores have flourished over the last several years and reflect a growing interest in magazines dedicated to design, cooking or traveling. The "Pages" project is part of this movement.

To finance the project, the two editors have launched a crowdfunding campaign that will run until December 19. Anyone can pre-buy one or several copies of "Pages". There is no risk, as the money will only be debited if the campaign succeeds. Purchase is available to individuals but also to businesses, like bookstores, boutiques, or cafes, who would like to share it with customers.  

Céline Debray, founder of the bookstore Sérendipité, has worked in the world of independent magazines for close to five years. The Geneva agency LargeNetwork, cofounded by Pierre Grosjean, specializes in the production of high-quality magazines. The two organizations are partnering to launch the new guidebook.

"Pages", the world atlas for magazine enthusiasts will feature the best bookstores for independent magazines and travel tips in its 96 pages. The book is for all lovers of print and, more broadly, for all those who like to travel off the beaten path in big cities. Expanding on the theme of independent bookstores, it also presents local travel tips in each city and recommendations for the best recent magazines.

Please don't hesitate to contact the team for more information.

You can discover our campaign on our Kickstarter page here.