A new visual newspaper in Swiss newsstands

13th February 2017
The LargeNetwork team collaborated with the photography agency Lundi13 to launch “Météore”. The new paper's goal is to maximize images and minimize text.

“Météore”, whose first number was published Monday, Feb. 13, tells modern-day stories using original and carefully chosen photos.

“Météore” defines itself as an “unpredictable newspaper in pictures”. Readers will be surprised by its large-format photos, taken by photographs of the agency Lundi13, but also by its irregular release schedule. Météore will appear in newsstands every Monday the thirteenth, or between zero and four times a year.

The Geneva-based media agency LargeNetwork, which has previously launched many publications, notably Largeur.com, will handle the image selection, texts and design.

The text will remain purposefully short to leave space for the images. The newspaper aims to present the news through visuals and without urgency.

“Photojournalism, like print journalism, now makes up a type of 'slow-journalism', a way to face the constant bombardment of 24/7 news,” said Pierre Grosjean, cofounder of LargeNetwork. “We've worked for several years with Lundi13 photographers. Each time, they surprise us with the relevancy of their images. We are very proud to launch this newspaper with them today.”

Météore is printed on large-format newsprint (540 x 285 mm).

“No matter which photographer you ask, they will say there are never enough photos in the newspapers and they are always too small,” said Guillaume Perret, a member of the Lundi13 agency. “When the opportunity arose to partner with LargeNetworkto create a broadsheet, we very quickly jumped on it. For us, Météore is an experiment, a dream, and a visual indulgence with its extra-large photos!”

Photographs from Ukraine, Brazil, Switzerland and Cambodia splashed across 13 colored pages make up the first Météore. Also included are seven images that offer an unexpected view on modern times, archival images and two posters.

The first number of Météore is available in all Swiss-French newsstands for 5 CHF since Feb. 13. It will remain on shelves until the second number comes out on Monday, March 13, 2017.