Publication of the book “Remarkable trees”

26th April 2017
LargeNetwork has crafted a book honoring Geneva's forested heritage with 41 images by photographer Thierry Parel.

Geneva's parks and estates are home to many remarkable trees. Geneva's environment department entrusted LargeNetwork with the making of a book recounting the canton's rich botanical history.

From 250,000 identified trees in the region, the team selected around forty trees that had a defining role in Geneva's landscape or past. The 128-page book includes historical anecdotes and images by Genevan photographer Thierry Parel.

This newest edition comes fifty years after a similar project describing the most beautiful trees in Geneva by enthusiasts at the Geneva Horticultural Society (Société genevoise d'horticulture).

A supplemental booklet lays out itineraries to see the trees in person. Amateur botanists can try their hand at identifying the various species using close-up photographs of leaves and needles.

“Des arbres remarquables – 41 histoires enracinées à Genève”, or “Remarkable trees – 41 stories rooted in Geneva”, is for sale for 32CHF in bookstores and at