Reinventing night

27th January 2017
Lighting, efficiency, new means of communication... Will these make night disappear? The magazine Hémisphères delves into the world of night in its twelfth edition.

Researchers have long ignored the night but are now fascinated by it. But what sort of night do we really want? And what does night mean in a society that never sleeps?

Luc Gwiazdzinski, a French geographer, says night now lasts only three hours, between 1:30 to 4:30 a.m. The latest issue of Hémsiphères includes his analysis of humanity's conquest of night and its consequences.

Night, a special time and space for sleep, for partying, for working or for traveling, has gone through several revolutions since the 19th century and continues to generate conflicts.

Hémsiphères XII delves into night in its various forms, including in art and architecture. It also explores what night means for the homeless or for those who work at night, and deciphers its sounds and its colors.

Hémisphères, produced by LargeNetwork, comes out twice a year. The magazine is on sale in Swiss bookstores and newsstands for 9 CHF.