LargeNetwork’s expertise in information design does not stop at publications. The information and media specialist also applies it to organising exhibitions. The agency held a vast exhibition about energy for Geneva Industrial Services (Services industriels de Genève or SIG) at the Verbois Dam in 2011. LargeNetwork also designed an exhibition on information security for a major bank in Geneva.

In 2011, LargeNetwork opened a gallery in the Les Pâquis district in Geneva, where it regularly hosts photography and graphic design exhibitions and information design workshops. The space was inaugurated in November 2011 with a showing of Fred Merz’s photographic work for the Geneva city guide Le Renard sur la Lune.

In 2012, Nicolas Righetti exhibited the images from his book Yes to a Rosy Future on Bashar al-Assad’s election campaign, along with LargeNetwork’s infographics on the conflict in Syria.

Exhibitions organised by LargeNetwork:

“Energy”, Verbois Dam, Geneva, 2011. Infographics. Design: Jérémie Mercier.

“Seeing is Believing”, LargeNetwork Gallery, 2012. Infographics. Curator: Benjamin Bollmann.

“Yes to a Rosy Future”, LargeNetwork Gallery, 2012. Photographs by Nicolas Righetti and infographics. Curator: Benjamin Bollmann.

“Swiss Style Reboot”, 360 Gallery, Northeastern University, Boston. Infographics. Curator: Benjamin Bollmann.

“Transnistria, the country that doesn't exist”, LargeNetwork Gallery, 2014. Photographs by Nicolas Righetti.

Biohacking Cocktail Party, LargeNetwork Gallery, 2014. Event for the launch of Technologist magazine.