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LargeNetwork published photographer Nicolas Righetti’s latest book, an exploration at once intimate and political of a country that does not exist: Transnistria.

The country has its own president, its capital (Tiraspol), its banknotes, its people’s parliament and of course its army. But nobody recognizes Transnistria except its own people, who took up arms to say no to Europe, yes to Moscow. The scenario has an eery resemblance to what played out in Crimea, and is still playing out in Eastern Ukraine.

The Genevan photographer Nicolas Righetti visited Transnistria five times for this project, which follows his books on North Korea ("The Last Paradise", 2003), Turkmenistan ("Love Me Turkmenistan", 2008) and Bachar Al- Assad's Syria ("Yes To A Rosy Future", 2012.) "Transnistria, the Country that Doesn't Exist" provides a compelling look into the future of a Russian-speaking community at the edges of Europe. Text by journalist Laurent Nicolet complement Nicolas Righetti's photos.

"Transnistria, the Country that Doesn't Exist" is on sale at LargeNetwork.com/transnistria