Météore continues to open up to works from other countries with a number composed of photos from all over the world, all taken by women. Through their eyes, Météore invites readers to explore Iran, Switzerland, Poland and the Balkans. If they are feminine, these five views are above all human in their illumination of the ambivalences between political consciousness and the quest for escape.

The Iranian desert becomes the central character in Gohar Dashti’s allegorical images, as she explores the many facets of her country. Zoé Aubry scans the Jura territory in search of traces of its revolutionary past and Stéphanie Buret flies to the peaks of the Swiss mountains, transformed into open-air museums by mass tourism.

As for Kate Bellm, she presents a psychedelic universe populated by underwater naiads, while Cha Gonzales immortalizes the bodies of partygoers who bind or untie in moments of excess or abandonment.

Météore is co-published by the photographic agency Lundi13 and the news agency LargeNetwork.

It appears every Monday 13th in all the good newsstands of French-speaking Switzerland. Circulation: 2’500 copies. This fifth issue of Météore will remain on sale in newsstands until the sixth issue is released on Monday, January 13th 2020.