The recent cyberattacks on the American and French elections highlight the increasing importance of cybersecurity to our everyday. Critical infrastructure, notably at Chernobyl, has been under threat since the beginning of the year. And governments appear underprepared – if not complicit – in this new world. The latest edition of Technologist delves into both the latest and supposedly attack-proof technological developments, like quantum cryptography, and the  more simple measures, like software updates, that can actually avoid most problems. The new edition of Technologist also takes a look at science funding in Europe. The feature describes how the existing 80 billion framework has helped launch new stars on the global science scene. Technologist comes out every three months and is available in newsstands in 20 countries as well as by subscription for the price of 42€ for eight editions. Swiss newsstands carry the German and French versions, which are also distributed internationally alongside the English version.